Express yourself! Here’s to injustice, crisis, poverty, war, and other man-made evils.

Justice Freedom  Poverty Future Crisis Outrage, sadly, not enough!


Here it is in black and white: TORTURE Here it is, in black and white. The torture report. Unveiling what we have know for years. This should be the spark that lights the world on fire. We should be outraged and they should be held accountable.'s oh so quiet out there. The Camp Delta (Guantanamo Bay), Camp Bucca (the substitute to... Continue Reading →

Living in NO-JOBS-LAND

Arrived at the job-marked hands full of shiny, expensive, fancy-sounding diplomas and feeling like a worthless fool? Yes. You are definitely onto something: you have been fooled! They will tell you all sorts of lame excuses for not accepting your job application, but the most common will be: "you have not attained the level of... Continue Reading →

When I grow up…

I have always believed that every person is unique, that each and every one of us has a different view of the world. To this day I remain convinced of this simple fact and aware of the many wonders and problems it leads to. None of us speak the same language, and I am not... Continue Reading →

War makes the world go round

War is many things. War is cruel, devastating, evil, unjust, indiscriminate, war is a curse. War is politics and politics are war. War is all those things, but it is also a BIG FAT business. Money, not love, makes the world go round, and WAR means MONEY. Governments sell arms to other governments. Wars become... Continue Reading →

Addicted to Information

Nowadays people are so concentrated looking at their screens, so occupied accumulating information as if it were gold, that they hardly have the time or the energy to actually analyse what they see. All the while taking comfort in a false sense of participation and knowledge. But information is not knowledge. They, we, have chosen... Continue Reading →

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