Dear St Valentine, you’re a hypocrite.


I hope you all had a great St Valentine’s day, night, or what ever. I just wanted to briefly express my opinion on this bizarre tradition. First of all, why do we need a special day for love? When you think of it, it’s kind of sad. Why not make every day a special day for love? When you do find love, every day is special, so we don’t need some marketing business telling us we should remember that on the 14th of February.

Second of all, I agree with any singles who despise this day. It has sort of become a ridiculous global public display of affection that intentionally, or not, makes anyone else want to hurl, whether you’re single or not. Cheesy, stomach turning, public displays of affection are never ok. I don’t care if it’s the 14th of February, no-one cares what you ate that evening, what present you got and if you had sex with your significant other. Romance is between two people, no-one else needs to see it. None of your facebook, tweeter, instagram or what ever else, contacts want to see any of it. (Thank God my life is social-media free)

Last but not least, if you do fall into this superficial, narcissist, capitalist, marketing trap don’t forget that meanwhile people are dying of hunger out there. So please, make yourself and everyone else a favour next time and don’t buy valentine’s day crap, go to twice as expensive (only on that day) restaurant dates, and instead find other ways to convey your love to your significant other. Think of your local merchants and artisans, animal friendly and ethical gestures to woo your better half.

Finally, when it comes to caring for him/her, just do it every day, all day long, for as long as you’re together, and for Fudge’s sake, please keep the rest of us out of it.

Happy week end everyone.


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