Reflections on War and Peace


These are some of my old paintings that have been presented in Madrid at Expo Metro. As a part of social critique narrative they were not widely understood nor appreciated by the crowd. This was probably due to the fact that the gallery lies at the heart of one of the wealthiest neighbourhoods in Madrid, Retiro. However, that is a simplistic and overly naive explanation. I fear that the real reason to this lack of appreciation, was the lack of awareness itself.

These issues that are so close to my heart and would have been immediately recognised and related to by any other peace activist, or simply an informed citizen, are a complete incognita to most. This lack of common sense is why I sometimes loose faith in humanity. You don’t have to like my style or appreciate the message, but to have no opinion at all is just shameful and terrifying. I seriously fear for the future of humankind when confronted with this kind of complete blindness.

This absolute lack of interest is also the reason I chose to paint these pieces over, which of course, I regret to this day. Luckily I was able to recover this photo of the exhibition. Who knows, maybe it will inspire some of you to read up on the many injustices of this world and on the many many problems that wars entail.


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