Here it is in black and white: TORTURE


Here it is, in black and white. The torture report. Unveiling what we have know for years. This should be the spark that lights the world on fire. We should be outraged and they should be held accountable. Yet…it’s oh so quiet out there. The Camp Delta (Guantanamo Bay), Camp Bucca (the substitute to the infamous Abu Ghraib prison) and all the other known, unknown, secret and not so secret prisons, still stand full of detainees. Forget what that says about them! What does this silence say about us? Not very encouraging  indeed, humanity.

But hey, Obama said on Friday 1st of August 2014 “we tortured some folks” and no-one seemed to listen, so why should a 5 000-pages piece of paper make any difference now? People were busy with their summer holidays then and they are busy buying Christmas presents now. Meanwhile, people who haven’t even been charged with anything in particular are still rotting in those prisons. Maybe they are there because they lived in the same village as an extremist or went to the same kinder-garden, hell they didn’t even have conciousness of their own being at that time, but who cares, they have a beard, they are Muslim, let them rot in hell for the sake of democracy and in the name of holy vengeance. Why should anyone care?

Happy holidays humanity. I hope you stuff your fat-hypocrite face into oblivion this season. Maybe if you drink enough to fall asleep on your back and vomit in your sleep, you’ll get a feeling of what water-boarding feels like, and if you’re fortunate enough, or people around you actually care, you will survive… Unlike those who are considered to have disappeared into thin air after being detained under the banner of US-led counterinsurgency.

Merry Christmas everyone.


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