This is War

“This is a song for peace”

Please note that the lead singer Jared Leto is wearing a Palestinian scarf. You are all too familiar with that conflict, especially now, so I will not enter into the details of what that means. His brother, the other member of the band, is wearing a Tuareg scarf. The most common colour is blue, however it does exist in a variety of colours, in this case brown. The Tuareg are another minority with a fascinating history of suffering. I would look into it ,if it doesn’t ring a bell, if I were you it’s quite interesting. I might get back to it later. However, the objective of this brief comment is to highlight the role of symbols within the clip. I think it is important to understand how political symbols work, since narratives and meaning-frames is where the real battles take place. Words are used in a strategic manner, especially by the state. This music video is an example of that narrative, the narrative of Global War on Terror to be precise, being used against itself by incorporating symbols of resistance in a subtle but clear way. Now here’s some food for thought. Or shall I say music for thought…


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