This can’t be it, can it?

Photo credit: © Benjamin Louis An essay on finding meaning in life Ever feel like you are wasting your life away? Like you  sleepwalk through most of it, like a zombie, never questioning the ground your feet are standing on? It feels just like being on one of those very long conveyer belts at the... Continue Reading →


“Kids? No thanks, I think I’ll pass”

“Kids? No thanks, I think I’ll pass” An essay on my right to choose a child-free life   Three months into my 30’ and three years into a relationship with the most wonderful person, the “kids question” haunts me more and more. Before I start, I would like to make it very clear that this... Continue Reading →

Note: If you eat fish, please don't call yourself a vegetarian. You are not! You are a pescetarian. Newsflash: fish is not a vegetable! If you are vegetarian for reasons not related to animal well-being, please don't call yourself a vegetarian. You are not! You are a flexitarian.  If you wear of buy leather, please don't... Continue Reading →

Reflections on War and Peace

These are some of my old paintings that have been presented in Madrid at Expo Metro. As a part of social critique narrative they were not widely understood nor appreciated by the crowd. This was probably due to the fact that the gallery lies at the heart of one of the wealthiest neighbourhoods in Madrid,... Continue Reading →

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